Christian was born in the lights of Las Vegas, Nevada, At age eight his family moved to the Pacific Northwest just outside of Seattle in then the quiet town of Redmond, Washington. Early on Christian's mother introduced him to many different forms of art. But, not until he was in his twenties did he discover photography through a dear friend.

It was as if a whole new window had been opened. Prior to diving into photography Christian had established himself as a Graphic Designer while in high school and progressed while studying at the University of Washington. His hero's were Alexy Brodovitch, Henri Matisse and Frank Gehry. Though each one of these men worked from vastly different mediums each one fascinated Christian's artistic mind.

Maybe it was these artists juxtaposed visions and mediums that has chipped away to sculpt the way Christian sees the world of Photography.  A refined contrast on something new from something old.